World Field Target Federation Constitution

The body shall be known as the World Field Target Federation, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Federation’.

The aim of the Federation is to provide a link between Field Target shooters worldwide and to govern the World Championships.

Membership of the Federation shall be open to properly constituted Representative Governing Bodies (RGB’s). Acceptance of an RGB will be by majority agreement of those senior/sole member RGB’s at the time of application. In the case where an alternate organisation wishes to obtain recognition as RGB, it must submit, together with its application, written proof of its membership/affiliation to a higher shooting/sport federation of that country. Where more than one RGB from the same country has been admitted to the WFTF, the RGB with the greater number of shooters participating in the most recent/current World Championships will be the senior RGB. Only the senior or sole RGB of a country may vote on Federation matters or nominate teams at a World Championship.

The Federation will be managed by a President who will be elected by nomination and a majority vote from the RGB’s at the time of an annual World Championships event. Candidates for the position of President need to have completed at least one term as Chairman/Vice President of the WFTF. The President will serve for a period of three years and will be responsible for representing and running the Federation, with only supervisory powers over World Championship events.

The appointment of host countries will be done according to the WFTF policy on rotating World FT Championship host countries as reflected in Annexure A. The organising and management of a World Championship event will be the responsibility of the Chairman of the host RGB, who will serve as Vice President of the Federation from the end of the previous Championship to the end of the Championship that they will be hosting.

The Federation will not meet in conference or committee. All relevant business will be transacted by document with copies to all member RGB’s, thereby ensuring that all records and transactions of the Federation are fully available to and complete at every member RGB. At the time of change of management of the Federation there will be no requirement for the transfer of records. All member RGB’s will be responsible for advising the President of their Federation contacts.

The Federation will not hold funds or property in any form, nor will it be liable for debts of any nature. Any costs incurred in any way in connection with the Federation business will be borne in whole by the host RGB. Any excess of income over expenditure arising from a Federation event will fall to the host RGB.

The host RGB will each year organise and host the World Field Target Championships on behalf of the Federation.

The Championship will decide and award the following:

Precharged Class

World Champion and 2nd to 10th, 1st Lady, 1st Veteran, 1st Junior and 1st to 3rd Teams.

Spring Class

World Champion and 2nd to 10th, 1st Lady, 1st Veteran, 1st Junior and 1st to 3rd Teams.

In both classes national (RGB) teams consisting of min. 4/max. 8 competitors can be formed if there are a minimum of 4 teams in the corresponding class. Team format will be a maximum of 8 nominated shooters with either 4, 5 or 6 scores to count per match, depending on the RGB with the lowest number of team competitors in this class. Team member names will be submitted to the organisers in writing prior to the commencement of shooting. Each senior/sole RGB will be permitted one team only per class.

Each competitor wishing to attend the WFTF World Championships must select a single country from within the WFTF to represent, whether they attend as an individual or as a team member. To be eligible to represent a country a competitor must either;

i) have been born in that country
ii) be a current resident of that country and have been a resident of that country continuously for the previous 12 months
and must also
iii) be a member of a club within the WFTF NGB/RGB of the country of their residence

To change the country they represent, a competitor must;

i) have moved to a country of residence different to the last country represented
ii) have membership of a club within the WFTF NGB/RGB of the their new country of residence
iii) have obtained written permission from the WFTF President and Vice President for this change

Changes to the country a competitor represents will only become effective after the next WFTF World Championships


If you have changed your country of representation away from your birth place you may only change back to representing your country of birth by moving residence back to that country and residing there continuously for one year and being a member of a club within the that country's WFTF NGB/RGB.

Eligibility does not ensure qualification. An NGB/RGB may elect to use further qualification methods for their team and individual places.

Participation of a WFTF event in breach of these rules will not be permitted

The host RGB may at its discretion expand or add to the Championships providing that such action does not in any way reduce the Field Target content of the event nor does it create any reward deemed to be higher than the purpose of the Championship.

Host RGB rules will apply at all Federation Championships, but may not contradict/override the WFTF Core Rules.

The Constitution of the Federation may only be changed at the end of each hosting period, and then only by a simple majority agreement of the member senior/sole RGB’s.

(Revised August 2003, July 2006, July 2008, September 2009)

Annexure A


As was agreed by NGB's in April 2008, a policy of rotating FT Worlds host countries has been accepted, based on the following principles, namely that:

1. A master list containing all member countries of the WFTF was agreed upon as is reflected in Annexure A1;
2. The member at the top of the list is offered first refusal to host the following year's FT World Championships (2009 onwards);
3. Subsequent Worlds will be offered to NGB's according to the sequence in Annexure A1.
4. New NGBs' names shall be added to the bottom of the list.


1. In April of every year the sitting WFTF chairman will advise the top three NGB's in Annexure A1 of their positions on the list.
2. The NGB in position number one on the list will respond to the chairman within 30 days in one of the following three ways:

a. Accept responsibility for hosting the following year's Worlds;
b. Request to be moved between one and three positions down the list.
c. Indicate that they are not in a position/interested to host a Worlds, and be moved to the bottom of the list in Annexure A1.

3. If the NGB in position one on the list does not accept responsibility to host the following year's Worlds (2a), the chairman will immediately request the next NGB on the list, and the steps above will be repeated, until an NGB accepts.

4. Once an NGB has accepted, the chairman will update Annexure A and advise all NGB's of which NGB will be hosting the following year's Worlds. He will also distribute a copy of the updated Annexure A1 to all NGB's.

Annexure A1

2014   NEW ZEALAND        
2015   LITHUANIA        
2016   MALTA            
2017   NETHERLANDS        
2018   PORTUGAL        
2019   RUSSIA            
2020   SCOTLAND        
2021   SPAIN            
2022   WALES            
2023   ENGLAND (Hosted 2005, 2001, 1998, 1996, 1994, 1992)
2024   POLAND (Hosted 2006)
2025   USA (Hosted 2007, 2000, 1997, 1995, 1993, 1991)
2026   NORTHERN IRELAND (Hosted 2008, 2003)
2027   CANADA            
2028   BRAZIL            
2029   SOUTH AFRICA (Hosted 2009)
2030   LATVIA            
2031   MACEDONIA        
2032   AUSTRIA            
2033   BULGARIA        
2034   ESTONIA            
2035   HUNGARY (Hosted 2010)
2036   BELGIUM            
2037   CHILE            
2038   SLOVAKIA        
2039   ITALY (Hosted 2011)
2040   AUSTRALIA        
2041   ARGENTINA        
2042   NORWAY (Hosted 2012, 2002, 1999)
2043   FRANCE
2044   VENEZUELA         
2045   GERMANY (Hosted 2004,2013)

Updated 13 November 2013

(Apart from position 1, the year preceeding country is a theoretical prediction)

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