Rules for shooters

The WFTF comprehensive rules include many more rules than just the essential information that a competitor needs to know.

This guide is a cut down version of the comprehensive rules, with just the information relevant to a WFTF shooter.

It is recommended that you read the full set of rules if you're taking part in the World Field Target Championships, but this guide is a good starting point.

Course setting guidelines

The unique combination of 12fpe (16 Joule) rifles and the rules for target distances and killzone sizes mean that a challenging FT course can be set out under any conditions anywhere in the world.

This guide to setting out a course to WFTF not only outlines the rules for target placement, but has helpful hints and tips on how to tailor the course for the different weather conditions around the world.

Some of the most experienced Field Target course builders in the world have had an input into this guide and by following the recommendations you will be able to set a challenging course in no time.